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AVAYA 1408 Digital Handset


Avaya 1408 Digital Handset

Overview of the AVAYA 1408 Digital Phone Handset

A great all-rounder and the biggest seller in the AVAYA 1400 series range, the AVAYA 1408 digital phone handset is made with everyday users in mind. The new 1400 series supersedes the 5410 phone, adopting a more traditional look and feel that offers the always popular flashing lights (different colours) that were missing from the previous line of phones. If you’re after an equivalent IP phone (for VoIP applications) then you’ll want the almost identical AVAYA 1608 IP handset.

If you’re after additional functionality, as well as the very latest innovations from this world leading brand, check out the 9508 IP handset from AVAYAs’ high-end 9500 series. The 9508 offers a larger screen, a more visually driven navigation system and enhancements like digital button labeling for the very best handset technology available in the market today.



The AVAYA 1408 digital phone handset is affordable, brilliant in its functionality and easy to use. The handset has now embraced a more traditional design that your staff will be used to operating. It’s a smart choice to compliment the award winning IP 500 R.6 Office PBX. Offering more functionality than the 1403, the only real difference between it and the 1416 is that the latter has a slightly bigger (and adjustable angle) screen and 8 more flex keys. The 1408 is compact, well designed and looks great in the matte black finish.

AVAYA has definitely reverted to a more traditional looking phone with this new 1400 series and the 1408 digital telephone handset is very much like the offering from LG Aria, Panasonic, and Cisco. You can get the looks you’re familiar with, combined with the best system functionality in the market.

One of the smartest additions to the new AVAYA 1408 digital office phone is the red and green LED lights next to the flex keys. The handset is perfect for small offices in particular where you may not have a dedicated receptionist or where multiple staff may help out in the call answering process. These LEDs mean you can now see with a quick glance if staff are engaged or available, based on the colour coding.

If you’re looking to implement the powerful One-X on-screen platform that lets you use your phone via your PC, then you don’t necessarily need the more expensive, feature-rich 1416 model. The 1408 does everything most staff could want. The only real need for the 1416 is if you wanted to see more than 8 users at a glance on your handset. However, if you have more than 16 staff and require this feature, a smart option would be to go for the cheaper 1408 and combine it with the One-X platform. The AVAYA One-X software allows you to do everything you need via your PC screen, from answering and transferring calls through to listening to voicemail, accessing personal and company speed dials and even coordinating a conference call.

If you’re looking for IP handsets to compliment the AVAYA IP 500 PBX then check out the 1603 IP, 1608 IP and 1616 IP models.

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