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AVAYA 1416 Digital Handset


Avaya 1416 Digital Handset

Overview of the AVAYA 1416 Digital Phone Handset

Perfect for receptionists, managers and heavy phone users, the new AVAYA 1416 digital phone handset replaces the previous 5420 phone. The new range takes on a more traditional look and feel, offering for the first time the colour-coded red/green flashing lights.

If you’re after additional functionality, as well as the very latest innovations from this world leading brand, check out the 9508 IP handset from AVAYAs’ high-end 9500 series. The 9508 offers a larger screen, a more visually driven navigation system and enhancements like digital button labelling for the very best handset technology available in the market today.



The AVAYA 1416 digital telephone handset is the most feature-rich in the AVAYA 1400 series line-up. The 1416 offers a slightly bigger and adjustable angle screen with 8 more flex keys than the 1408. The handset looks great in matte black with to option to have up to a 32-button console added to it to offer a massive 48 keys in total, for easy viewing and one-touch transfers at reception.

In a typical office setup you’d buy the 1416 for a receptionist and managers, while the rest of the staff would get a mix of the cheaper 1408 and 1403 handsets.

If you’re looking to implement the powerful One-X platform that lets you use all phone functions via your PC, you don’t necessarily need the 1416 digital phone. The only real need for the 1416 is if you had more staff and wanted to see more users at a glance, rather than on the One X platform on screen.

One of the best additions to the new AVAYA 1416 digital office phone (and the whole range) is the red and green LED lights next to the flex keys. With a simple glance you can now see if staff are engaged or available.

If you’re looking for IP handsets to compliment the AVAYA IP 500 PBX then check out the 1603 IP, 1608 IP and 1616 IP models.

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