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AVAYA 9504 Digital Handset


Avaya 9504 Digital Handset

Overview of the AVAYA 9504 Digital Phone Handset

The AVAYA 9504 digital telephone handset is the entry level handset in the new 9500 series from AVAYA. The 9504 gives you the latest handset technology in a stripped down form,coming into line with the tightest budgets. Designed for light phone users with straightforward needs, this phone is also available in IP form as the 9608 IP.

If budget is a priority but you still want the quality and peace of mind that comes with the AVAYA brand, check out the 1403 digital handset from their 1400 series. The 1403 cuts costs by offering a smaller screen, hard button navigation and traditional paper labels, all while retaining essential functionality and outstanding build quality.

A replacement model for the 5402, the AVAYA 9504 digital phone handset features AVAYAs’ famously intuitive design, ensuring a very short learning period for staff. The all-new styling features large user-friendly displays and digital button labels to ensure correct annotation of function keys, and while the look of the phone is brand new, the popular red/green LEDs have been carried over from previous designs to let staff instantly know what lines are being used and when.



The entry level price point of the AVAYA 9504 office phone is offered as a way of bringing down your overall phone system investment. Its basic setup means most companies could use it as a phone for occasional users or might choose to install it in lunchrooms or hallways (places where you need a phone but don’t necessarily need heavy functionality).

If you’re after a phone for everyday users (and therefore require more programmable keys and features) we recommend the AVAYA 9508 handset. For IP (VoIP) versions of the 9500 series, check out the 9608 IP, 9621G IP and 9641G IP.

Call today if you would like to get a free quote or have a hands-on demo of the AVAYA 9504 digital phone handset to try it for yourself, we’d be happy to arrange a no-obligation demonstration and help you find the perfect phone system and handsets for your business.


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