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AVAYA 9508 Digital Handset


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Overview of the AVAYA 9508 Digital Phone Handset

The AVAYA 9508 digital telephone handset is the most popular handset in the AVAYA 9500 series, replacing the old 5410 handset. The 9508 is designed for the everyday user, putting all the features of the award-winning IP 500 Office phone system at your fingertips.

If budget is a priority but you still want the quality and peace of mind that comes with the AVAYA brand, check out the 1408 digital handset from their 1400 series. The 1408 cuts costs by offering a smaller screen, hard button navigation and traditional paper labels, all while retaining essential functionality and outstanding build quality.

The 9508 is very similar to the 9504 but adds extra physical buttons to make the phone far easier and more efficient to use. It offers all the key features everyday phone users need to be more professional and productive on the phone. The fixed-feature keys means your most commonly used functions, like call history, contact lists and voicemail are just a touch away. Plus there are 8 programmable feature buttons with dual colour LED s to let you see instantly which lines are being used and which are free (very handy for getting through to colleagues who are on the phone a lot).


A good phone handset should be easy to learn and intuitive to use and the AVAYA 9508 digital phone handset doesn’t disappoint. Its simple, intuitive interface will seem instantly familiar even to novice users. Plus the easy-to-read backlit display provides all important call information at a glance, even shifting the order of menu options to prioritize the most commonly used features.

With its popular feature set, the AVAYA 9508 office phone normally makes up the bulk of handsets in a phone system mix (often supplemented by the cheaper 9504 as required). In this way the perfect mix of handsets can be created, lowering the total cost of ownership and making the AVAYA system more affordable than ever. Many users opt for the IP versions of this phone to take advantage of the significant costs savings associated with VoIP. For more information, check out the 9608 IP, 9621G IP and 9641G IP handsets.

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