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AVAYA 9670G IP Phone Handset



Avaya 9670G IP Handset

Overview of the AVAYA 9670G IP Phone Handset

The AVAYA 9670 IP phone is the flagship model in the large 9600 IP series lineup with its massive colour touch screen, choice of handset colours and more, it’s truly an impressive IP phone.

Even though it’s top of the range it isn’t designed for receptionists, other models such as the 9650 and 9641G models are better suited for the job.  The 9670 is designed for high powered executives.

To the right person this model does offer some very nice features like Bluetooth integration as well as voice recognition for up to 250 speed dial numbers.  This is great for heavy users of the phone as you just have to say who you want and presto….. If you want  touch screens then the 9621 and 9641 are excellent alternatives at down to half the price.

The 9670 touch screen capability also makes navigation a breeze, especially since the handset can automatically choose the appropriate one-touch menu prompts for individual situations, making for a truly intuitive experience (context adaptive logic).


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