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AVAYA Phone Systems For Home Offices



For most micro (or home) businesses, budget is often the primary consideration when choosing a new phone system – often at the expense of features. However, due to the incredible strength of the Australian dollar the feature rich, award winning, AVAYA IP 500 Office is now the same price or cheaper than many lesser competitors.! There has never been a better time to buy the number 1 SME business phone system in the world than right now. Finally, small businesses no longer have to compromise functionality for price.


Key features of the AVAYA IP 500 Office phone system for home office:

  • Handsets that are incredibly easy to use, with features including hold, transfer, mute and conference
  • The latest VoIP and SIP technology to help slash call costs by up to 70%
  • Ability to connect cordless phones for mobility around your home office
  • Voicemail
  • Day and Night greetings
  • Lowest power consumption in its class
  • Incredible 60 -month extended warranty (optional) for ultimate peace of mind
  • Proven reliability of the AVAYA platform
  • Self diagnostics

The AVAYA IP500 Office is as flexible as it is powerful. It can go from 2 users and scale all the way up to a whopping massive 384 users. It is the same technology for small or big business but you only pay for the users you need. Unlike other solutions, one size really does fit all. This is fantastic news for micro businesses as you’re investing in a phone system that you’ll never outgrow at prices any small business can afford today.


Essential features of the AVAYA IP 500 Office for home business

Days & night greetings

day-greeting night-greeting

This is perhaps the most popular feature for businesses that recognize the value of sounding professional and who never want to miss a call – day or night.

If your receptionist/staff are busy on other calls, or simply can’t get to the phone in time, the phone system will answer the call and greet the caller with a professionally recorded message tailored to your business – for example, “Thank you for calling ABC, your call is important and we will be with you in just a moment”. The caller is then placed on hold until your staff can answer the call.

At night the system can be automatically or manually switched to night mode where it will greet all incoming calls with a different message, such as, “Welcome to ABC, our office is currently unattended. However if you would like to leave a message our staff will return your call the following business day.”

The system will play what you want, when you want! Night or day your business will sound professional and never miss another opportunity.


Voicemail is a feature that’s available to all system users but it’s up to you which staff make use of this great feature. Voicemail on a phone system operates exactly the same as voicemail on a mobile phone. However, unlike Telstra message bank it doesn’t cost you a cent to retrieve your messages. Rather than taking annoying messages and emailing them, you can simply transfer the call through to a staff member’s extension and voicemail will do the rest.

Voicemail is private, faster and more efficient than sending an email. A big red light on the phone handset lets staff know instantly if they have a message. Staff can then listen, delete, replay, rewind, forward and even save any voicemail messages they get. It’s efficient and because callers are familiar with using mobile phone voicemail they already know how it works. On equivalent phone systems this is often a $500+ extra, but it’s FREE with the AVAYA.

On the AVAYA you can also get unified messaging which is where your voicemail messages can posted to your email inbox. This means a voicemail left on your office phone can be played from your mobile phone or email in the form of a .wav file. It’s simple, easy and means you’ll get your voicemail instantly no matter where you may be.

VoIP isn’t just for big business. No matter what the size of your organisation, saving up to a staggering 70% on calls costs is something to get genuinely excited about. By not having to use traditional Telstra phone line infrastructure you can eliminate expensive line rentals and overpriced call charges forever.

But VoIP is more than just cheap calls and no line rentals. VoIP technology also allows you to connect remote workers and offices across the internet. This is brilliant for offices and means that anywhere a person can get an internet connection they can be connected to the office phone system. This allows people in one location to answer calls and then transfer the same caller instantaneously to another location, without the caller ever knowing

More and more people are working from home with sea and tree changes, and it’s VoIP technology that allows them to do so as efficiently and productively as if they were still in the office.

The power of the AVAYA IP500 Office is placed at your fingertips thanks to a range of very smart, very intuitive handsets. Designed to be incredibly simple to use, the different AVAYA handset models can be mixed and matched to provide a customized solution that meets both your budget and performance requirements. Check out our complete range of digital handsets and IP handsets.

Give yourself the freedom to move around your office space by plugging in a cordless phone. The AVAYA IP 500 Office is compatible with any analogue cordless phones (from Uniden, Panasonic or any other manufacturer) and offers users mobility away from their desks.

The only downside with connecting a generic brand cordless phone is you can’t get all the features of the phone system. They are fine to make and receive calls but if you want to start transferring calls, accessing speed dial lists etc then you need to purchase the dedicated AVAYA DECT handsets.


The intelligent choice for your next phone system

Infiniti really is the intelligent choice for AVAYA telephone systems with:

  • Infinitis’ 100% Money Back Guarantee on AVAYA PBX systems
  • Free Australia-wide local AVAYA support for the life of your phone system
  • Unbeatable pricing on AVAYA products
  • Qualified technicians who are experienced in working specifically on the AVAYA IP 500 Office
  • Free fixed price quoting
  • Friendly expert advice
  • Huge range of AVAYA spare parts and accessories
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