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AVAYA Phone Systems For Large Business



95% of Fortune 500 companies (USA) choose AVAYA for their phone system requirements – but that’s only 1 reason the AVAYA IP 500 Office is a great choice for your corporation.

In Australia the AVAYA was always at the top end of the PABX solution spectrum. It’s still a world class solution but the soaring $AUS means that this brilliant solution is now priced at the same or less than inferior solutions. There has never been a better time to buy one of the world’s best phone systems.!

The IP 500 Office is scalable up to 384 users, or 1000 users between networked sites. When combined with its up-gradable software platform, proven reliability and international pedigree , it’s easy to see why the AVAYA IP 500 Office is the smart choice for larger enterprisers’.

Plus with its very attractive price point and incredible 60-month optional warranty, you’ll enjoy low TCO yet receive outstanding performance and reliability, day-in, day-out.

Key features of the AVAYA IP 500 Office phone system for enterprise level business:

  • Stable, reliable and proven AVAYA platform
  • Expandable up to 384 users (or 1000 when networked)
  • Award-winning Evergreen software platform that can be updated as new versions are released
  • Easy-to-use handsets
  • Lowest power consumption in it’s class
  • Call recording
  • Specialised Call Centre Software
  • CTI for Microsoft etc
  • DECT handsets for mobility in the workplace
  • Smart soft phone interface for easy computer telephony
  • IP/SIP technology lets you slash costs, network additional sites and connect remote workers
  • 60 -month extended warranty available
  • Specialised call centre applications as standard
  • Save $1000s with easy to use self-administration software
  • Self diagnostics
  • And much more


Essential features of the AVAYA IP 500 Office for large enterprise business

Remote staff

Remote workers and on-the-road salespeople are very common. With modern IP technology, however, your staff no longer have to be in the office with you to be effective or for you to know what they’re up to. VoIP technology means they can use a soft phone application or IP handset to connect effortlessly to your office’s phone system from any location.! You can now see when they’re free or on the phone, call times, call numbers and other important statistics. This lets you hire staff from anywhere around Australia or the world, saving on salaries and capitalising on talent – wherever that may be.

Another great solution offered for sales people is hot desking. This allows them to login to any IP phone and automatically be recognised as the user, bringing up their own personalised settings and voicemail.

Call centre application

The AVAYA IP Office 500 offers very affordable first and third party call centre solutions. The key to a call centre is real time, accurate statistics. How many calls per hour, success rates, completion rates, downtime, break times, average call durations, average wait time and the like are essential data for optimizing productivity and reducing cost. Imagine improving call productivity by just 10% across 10 workers! Call recording is also an excellent tool to improve the effectiveness of agents and can be used in conjunction with these first and third party applications.

VoIP office connectivity

VoIP technology also lets you link multiple offices together seamlessly and cheaply. Whether your branches are in the next suburb or the next state, you’ll be able to dial and transfer to colleagues using nothing more than an extension number – and it won’t cost a cent (just internet bandwidth).

You can even have the one receptionist managing calls across all your branches, potentially saving you the salary cost of employing separate receptionists at each site. VoIP technology also allows you to connect remote workers back to your phone system, whether it’s an entire office or just an individual.

VoIP technology is redefining the way employees and companies work across diverse geographical areas

Easy self-administration

You could potentially save $1,000s’ over the life of your phone system in technical fees with AVAYAs’ self-administration feature. This easy-to-use software lets you make minor additions, moves and changes without the need for professional assistance from Infiniti or anyone else.

Most phone resellers will not allow you access to this software because it costs them money in lost revenue but at Infiniti we believe an empowered customer is a happier customer! You’ll be able to edit users, extensions, voicemail, greetings and much more with the click of a mouse button. No waiting, no mess, no fuss and no charges!


DECT technology gives you all the functionality of your AVAYA phone system in a cordless handset, letting you roam around your site with complete freedom. It lets you set up a secure mobile network around your site, so employees can contact each other on their DECT handsets wherever they are and because the network is an internal one, calls between DECT users are absolutely free.

The intelligent choice for your next phone system

Infiniti really is the intelligent choice for AVAYA telephone systems with:

  • Infinitis’ 100% money back guarantee on AVAYA PBX systems
  • Free Australia-wide local AVAYA support for the life of your phone system
  • Unbeatable pricing on AVAYA products and solutions
  • Expert advice from AVAYA IP Office 500 certified phone technicians
  • Qualified technicians who are experienced in working specifically on the AVAYA IP 500 Office
  • Free fixed price quoting
  • Friendly expert advice Huge range of AVAYA spare parts and accessories
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