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Easy Payment Options



Getting a new phone system has never been easier with our range of flexible payment options

  • Rent
  • Bundle
  • Lease
  • Buy


Check with your accountant to see which option is best suited to your cash flow and current capital expenditure policy.

Our client’s most popular payment options are renting and bundling but the choice is yours!

Rent your phone system

This is where you agree to make monthly payments for 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.
The length of term is up to you (longer = lower monthly repayments)
Every rental payment is 100% tax deductible.

At the end of your chosen term you can:

  • Return the system to the finance company
  • Continue to rent on a month to month basis
  • Choose new equipment and start a new rental agreement
  • Make the finance company an offer to buy the phone system

Bundle your phone system

This is incredibly popular as it allows customers to offset their phone system costs with genuine call savings. You can get a new phone system for nothing!

It’s the same logic as getting a free mobile phone when you sign onto a mobile plan.

Bundling can be a fantastic but make sure that you are protected.
Always insist upon:

  • NO phone call contracts
  • NO minimum monthly call spends (saves you money during quiet months.)
  • NO flag falls. Low call rates
  • NO inflated phone system costs


Read more about how you can bundle and save…

Lease your phone system

This is practically identical to a rental agreement. You make monthly payments over 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.
The difference is that a “lease” has a fixed buyout figure, or “residual”, written into the contract.
The “residual” is a fixed percentage of the total value of the goods. For example, you choose to make Lease a system over 48 months with a 10% residual figure.
Leasing is slightly more expensive than renting.

At the end of the elected term you can choose to:

  • Hand the system back to the finance company
  • Choose to enter into a new lease agreement for a new phone system
  • Pay the residual figure to the finance company and take direct ownership of the equipment


Purchase your phone system

This is where you pay a deposit on the phone system and the balance upon the successful implementation of your solution.

This is a basic overview and is in no way is designed as a definitive or expert guide to financing alternatives. Always seek professional guidance yourself or ask for a finance company recommendation.

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