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How VoIP Can Save You Money



Free calls between offices and off-site staff

VoIP phone systems treat every handset in your company as if it were just another extension – even if it is in another suburb, state or country. As a result, you won’t get charged a cent to call your colleagues in other branches no matter where they are located. Just talk as you would to another handset in your building – instantly, easily and free. Big business has been exploiting the benefits of VoIP for years.

Cheaper phone calls

VoIP offers an instant and ongoing way to reduce you call costs dramatically. Here’s how: a normal phone call travels across traditional phone lines that Telstra owns. With an IP call carriers don’t need to wholesale though Telstra. They go through their own network and as such can charge a fraction of the call costs of traditional call types and still make a profit. You the customer, are the massive winner in this equation.

Employ just 1 receptionist for all sites and save on salaries

Because VoIP lets you connect all handsets to the one phone system, just one receptionist can now manage those calls. After all, to the receptionist, extra extensions interstate are now no different from extra extensions in the same office. No additional receptionists are needed. This means you can eliminate expensive salary costs and become more efficient.

Cheaper line rentals

Take a look at your phone bill when you get a moment and see how much you are paying for line rental. Telstra charges around $35 per line, so multiply that amount by however many lines you have. VoIP providers however only charge around $10-$15 per line, saving you big bucks.

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