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Refurbished AVAYA 3645 WiFi Wireless Phone



Refurbished Avaya 3645 WiFi Wireless Phone

Overview of the Refurbished AVAYA 3645 WiFi Wireless Phone

AVAYA IP Wireless Phones are designed for organizations that want the convenience of wireless communications and the benefits of IP‑based converged communications solutions. These wireless phones connect to your LAN, simplifying the management of your communications infrastructure. Wireless voice solutions enable users to be available to customers and co‑workers virtually anywhere, helping to improve productivity.

The AVAYA 3641/3645/6120/6140 IP Wireless phones are made to meet the requirements of workers in both the office and the industrial environments.

The navigation keys provide the user with easy, efficient access to additional functionality such as directory access and redial lists.



Lightweight yet rugged, these phones are resistant to dust, shock, and liquid damage, with a built-in speakerphone as well as headset compatibility help enhance productivity and responsiveness for the user. The extended battery-life options increase accessibility through a 24 hour operation.

The 3645 and 6140 IP Wireless phones are ideal for industrial environments features such as the push-to-talk capability which eliminate the need for two way radios and the larger earpiece provides comfort for the user while reducing the background noise.

The 3645 and 6140 IP Wireless phones also include a back-lit keypad and large display for ease of use, a built-in speakerphone, headset compatibility, and extended battery-life options help boost the efficiency and extend accessibility.

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