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Take advantage of AVAYAs’ VoIP phone system technology and save your business thousands of dollars in call costs every year. Regardless of your organisations’ size, VoIP lets you:

  • Cut phone call costs by up to 70%
  • Work remotely from any location
  • Seamlessly link multiple sites
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Make calls via a laptop or PC from anywhere


Slash call costs

VoIP offers an instant and ongoing way to reduce you call costs dramatically. Here’s how: a normal phone call travels acrosstraditional phone lines that Telstra owns. With an IP call carriers don’t need to wholesale though Telstra. They go through their own network and as such can charge a fraction of the call costs of traditional call types and still make a profit. You, the customer, are the massive winner in this equation.

Work from anywhere

The key advantage to working in an office is that it’s easy to contact your colleagues. You simply pick up the phone, dial their extension and start chatting. The beauty of VoIP is that it connects physical handsets (as well as virtual PC handsets, known as soft phones) over the internet. This means the handset doesn’t need to be in the same building as the phone to be connected to the phone network. No matter where you are, you can plug the handset into a network point, pick up the phone and dial like you were in the office. Depending on your handset model, you can even see who is on calls and who is free. With VoIP, location is no longer a barrier to productive, efficient work.

Link multiple sites

You can now effortlessly link multiple sites with VoIP and have complete transparency. You can see people in another office simply by looking at your handset. If a person is on the phone a 1000km away you can see it as imply as if they were in the next room. This is the beauty of VoIP. IP telephony treats every handset as an extension of the same phone system. It also meansthat every call between offices is FREE. No more interstate call charges – just dial a simple extension number and talk for as long as you like, for free!

Reduce staff numbers

Given that VoIP allows staff in one office to seamlessly communicate with staff in another, why not have the one receptionist handle call traffic across all your sites? You’ll save on an entire salary, which could easily end up more than offsetting the system costs entirely.

Make calls via a laptop or PC from anywhere

Because VoIP calls are made via the internet, you can now use your office phone system from anywhere you have an internet connection. So whether you’re sitting at a remote site, home or an interstate hotel room, you can use your laptop or computer to make phone calls. With full phone functionality you can call colleague’s extensions, make phone calls, access speed dial lists, and do everything just as if you were sitting in your office!

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